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The Moonlight and Magnolias cast is rehearsing daily!  This amazing cast of talented people is getting ready to bring theater goers a look back to the late 1930’s as Ben Hecht and Victor Flemming try to right the wrongs of the Gone With The Wind script.  Held captive by David O Selznick in his office the three men try to pound out a decent script for what would be come one of the greatest selling movies of all time!M and M

“Picture this gang! ”  Daryl Branson as David O Selznick says, “Scarlett shows up at the Bar B Que dressed in green!”M and M 2

Byron Thompson as the indomitable Victor  Flemming “Oh yes!  Then Scarlett shoots the Yankee right in front of Melanie!!”M and M3

Justin Regan as Ben Hecht: “I’m not convinced!  I haven’t read the book but this all seems crazy! Scarlett does what with Ashley?” And Jennifer Scheidies as Miss Poppenghul says” “I just want to go home Mr. Selznick”

Don’t miss this non stop crazy comedy!!!  Get your tickets now!!!!



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