About the Moon Theatre Company

In October of 2009, Moon Theatre Company was formed by a group of actors, writers and directors who were passionate about live entertainment and who wished to create performance opportunities for like-minded individuals in the area and entertainment opportunities for the general public. The company will offer dramatic readings, full stage productions and experimental theatre in a variety of locations – tapping Northern Colorado’s vast reserve of talent.

4 responses to “About the Moon Theatre Company

  1. gale

    Hey, kids, what are we working on next?

  2. Hello Moon Theatre folks – The good people at Samuel French let me know that you are producing my play THE KITCHEN WITCHES next year …thank you! Just in case you need it – I have the CD of the jingles and sound cues, available for purchase for a flat royalty fee of $100. I can send the tracks via email or send you a CD, or both. (The royalty goes to the gent who created the CD, not me. I can send you smaples if you send me an email address)
    All the best for a terrific show, and my apologies to whoever has to do all the dishes!
    Caroline Smith, playwright

  3. joy Overturf

    I had actually thought of tryingout for this play.But my daughter and I would love to see
    What your all about. So what I can’t find is were is it being performed? How do I buy tickets
    Hope to see you there

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