A note from Director Kathleen about “BEETS”

Kathleen is so happy and excited to be Directing BEETS for the second time, along with Lesley Jones. “What excites me about this project is the Berthoud History depicted in this play”.  Kathleen’s family moved to Berthoud from Boulder is 1972 when her Dad, purchased an Historic Farm just South of Berthoud.  “Growing up in the Historical home gave me a love of local history.  And growing up on a farm gave me a love and understanding of the farm life”.  Even though her Dad was not a farmer she still experienced the farmer planting, tending and harvesting the sugar beets which are a major crop in Berthoud today. Kathleen’s family farm was homesteaded by Major John Kerr in 1876 and is one of the oldest farms in the community.

Kathleen and Lesley co-directed this production 8 years ago. “ We had a wonderful time with that production and cast, but I have to say that this cast and crew are incredibly amazing and a joy to work with.  They are inventive and dedicated and have given this show so many layers.  We just were lucky enough to get former Director Andrew Quirk to head up the set building along with  Rick Strahan. The props, the costumes, set sound and lights to the actors on stage and those behind the scenes, everyone has been so collaborative in the efforts to make this one of the best productions that Moon has ever done.

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