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Kitchen Witches Crew Bio’s

Community theatre is about … well … community.  We have to start with a great script and then find a cast and crew to make the magic happen.  The local theatre community largely consists of talented actors and crew who have day jobs outside of theatre.  The driver for all of these folks to stay with theatre is the chance to land a cast or crew role occasionally. It is not at all uncommon for the actor before you on stage to have a theatre resume as long as your arm and with a degree in theatre for good measure.

Accepting a role in a production requires the dedication of several months of evenings and weekends to the show. Since most community theatre is voluntary, this time commitment adds up to a substantial contribution to the project. The whole thing depends on self-motivated individuals who are willing to be part of a close-knit team. 

And speaking of commitment, we’re lucky to have as Stage Manager the very able and talented Gail McGaha-Miller. To her credit, Gail started Kitchen Witches immediately after a marathon run of  The Rocky Horror Show presented by OpenStage in Ft Collins. we’re grateful to have Gail at the sound and lighting board weaving the sound and lighting cues into the flow of action on stage.

Gail McGaha-Miller

GALE MCGAHA MILLER is delighted to be involved with her third Moon Theatre Company production, having appeared in The Odd Couple annd You Can’t Take it With You.  A chemist by day, Gale has stage managed and run lights and sound for OpenStage Theatre, Bas Bleu, Theatre Company of Loveland, Nonesuch and Marrow Productions.

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