A letter for the Director

I am so excited to be Directing the new Moon Theatre Company production THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE, ALONG WITH MY Assistant Director Kim Bubon. My Dad was a huge John Wayne fan so growing up we always watched all of the old Westerns. Occasionally you will see a Western film but those films are rare, and a stage show even rarer. This play by Jethro Compton is based on the old John Wayne movie of the same title, however the stage play deviates quite a bit from the film.  The play premiered at the Park Theater in London in 2014 to rave reviews.  The cast was attractive and edgy and the play tense, dramatic and gritty. Moon Theatre  will re-create that sense of drama in the old west with a talented cast and crew on board to craft a production unlike anything that the theatre company has attempted.  We are all so excited to explore this tale of love pride and sacrifice set against the windswept backdrop of the old west. Don’t miss it!

See you at the SHOW!!
Kathleen Gurman

The Man Who ShotLiberty Valance (1)

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